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Some people are born to be extraordinary.

Recovery is Life
I have a 'normal' journal here:mrsemmielou
which contains journal entries from 2001 to present day

I include the entries that are included with my 'normal' journal, pictures of my dachshunds and other everyday entries.
I use this journal to vent about things related to my body, eating habits and other related issues that I don't feel is appropriate for my 'normal' journal.
I started this journal in 2005 when my anorexia was at its worse and I felt I needed to use another username to vent my struggles with my mental illnesses

I have been diagnosed with Anorexia (purging type), Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression.
Although I am currently in recovery for anorexia and I put anything of a triggering nature under a LJ cut.

This journal is friend's only, so please reply to my "friend's only" post to be added.
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